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Technology and Innovation

Gaborone has become a hub for technological innovation in recent years. The city is witnessing a surge in startups and tech companies, making it a hotspot for innovation. Key trends in the tech scene include:

African Print Fashion: Bold African prints are making a statement in both casual and formal wear.

Local Designers: Emerging local designers are gaining recognition for their unique creations.

Sustainable Fashion: Ethical and sustainable fashion is on the rise, with boutiques and stores offering eco-friendly options.

Food and Dining

Farm-to-Table Dining

Many restaurants are focusing on locally sourced, organic ingredients, promoting sustainability.

International Fusion

Chefs are experimenting with fusion cuisine, blending traditional Botswana flavors with international influences.

Street Food Revival

The street food scene in Gaborone is thriving, offering affordable and delicious options for adventurous eaters.


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Things to do

Explore the wildlife, hike Kgale Hill, visit museums, and enjoy vibrant nightlife in Gaborone.

About Gaborone

Gaborone, the political and economic heart of Botswana, offers a dynamic blend of urban development and natural beauty.

Shopping in Gaborone

Discover the vibrant capital city of Botswana Shop for local crafts, and markets and modern malls.

Arts & Culture

Immerse yourself in Gaborone’s rich artistic scene with galleries, performances, and cultural experiences.

Experience in Gaborone

Discover the vibrant capital city of Botswana  with safaris, cultural festivals, fine dining, and local hospitality.

Spa Wellness

Relax and rejuvenate at luxurious spas offering massages, facials, and holistic wellness treatments.